Canuck's Blog

  • More Updates 04/02/2009

    Some behind the scenes website updates to hopefully help the search engine rankings. I also added an All Products link in the navigation menu.

  • Website Update 03/29/2009

    Minor website updates, new module versions. I've also fixed some Store vocabulary descriptions and organization. The store vocabulary should be less redundant now.

    Also removed links to the old website and store. If you are searching for something off the old site send me an email and I can get you a link. I'll keep the old site online for a while longer.

  • More Products 03/19/2009

    I've added more products to the store.

  • March 15 Flying Day 03/14/2009

    Finally hope to make it out to the slopes on Sunday. See you there!

  • Stock on New Products 03/11/2009

    OOPS, I just noticed I failed to update the product stock on the new items. Its corrected now and you should be able to order them.

  • Orders Caught Up 03/09/2009

    I've caught up on all order shipments that don't involve custom foam cutting.

  • Free Shipping on Orders over $150 03/08/2009

    The free shipping on orders over $150 continues on the new website. It's now a shipping option that shows up on orders at or above $150. You can still choose a specific shipping method and pay the shipping. The free shipping will be shipped by way of USPS either Parcel Post or Priority Flat rate.

  • Servos and Easy Gliders in Stock 03/08/2009

    Check out the Hitec servos Canuck Engineering now offers along with Multiplex Easy Glider kits.

  • Orders 03/08/2009

    I'm a bit behind on shipment of orders, but should be caught up by Monday morning. If you have an order pending and want to know your status, send me an email.

  • New Products Coming Soon 03/08/2009

    I have signed as a Dealer with a hobby distributor. This allows me to offer a large variety of hobby items in the new store. As cash flow allows, there will be more and more items that I will carry in my inventory.

    If you are looking for something specific drop me an email and I will see what I can do about finding you the product you need.