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Canuck Engineering is on vacation. Order processing will be delayed to week of Aug. 4th.


EasyStar II Kit


Updated and upgraded, the quick-to-build and easy-to-fly EasyStar II is sure to become one of your favorite models. Based on one of our most popular aircraft, the original EasyStar, this improved kit boasts larger internal space, more payload capability and optional ailerons. It is designed to accept a powerful brushless motor which makes it a versatile, durable aircraft sure to impress both the beginner and more advanced pilots. Its gentle gliding characteristics and ease of transport make the EasyStar II effortless hobby fun.

Folding propeller for reduced drag in glider mode


Dogfighter Kit


Our fast and agile racer, the DogFighter, brings the old fashioned art of aerial combat to your local flying field. With crisp handling and precise response, this sporty flyer will tear through the skies with aerobatic mastery. Inspired by the classic warbirds of WWII, our compact speed demon was designed with the intermediate and sport flier in mind. Whether you are making striking runs at the club field or engaging in ferocious aerial combat, seize air superiority with the Multiplex DogFighter!


Low Minimum Airspeed


Merlin Kit


The Merlin is the latest addition to Multiplex’s line of Elapor sail planes. Compact in size, the Merlin offers full size performance at a fraction of the cost. Built using the ultra durable Elapor® foam and high quality plastic parts the Merlin has the same legendary durability as our other sail planes while maintaining the excellent flying characteristics our customers have come to expect. Whether it is built as a pure glider or as an electric the “take it wherever you go” Merlin is sure to delight any modeler.

• Low parts count for quick and easy assembly




Multiplex Fox Chuck Glider

EPP Foam construction

Length: 470mm (18.5")
Wingspan: 500mm (19.7")

Easy to convert to wingeron or conventional rc. Requires micro RX, 4 gram micro servo's, small battery pack, carbon tube, and basic hardware. Some have even converted these to electric.

Search on RC groups for more info on how to do the conversions.

Colors may vary from the picture.


Multiplex Easy Glider - No Motor


The Easy Glider is a pure sailplane, capable of being aero towed or hand towed with the supplied towline, or hand launched on a slope. It's lightweight, and clean lines guarantee long and stable flights. Assembly is fast with CA glues, and the sturdy ELAPOR Foam construction resists damage from the occasional "hard" landing. The Easy Glider uses elevator, rudder and ailerons for control and the two piece wing allows easy transporting to and from the flying sites.
Model Specifications

Wing Length: 71 in.
Wing Area: 645 sq. in.
Wing Loading: 12.80 oz. | sq. ft.

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