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Bat 54 inch EPP Flying Wing.

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Kit Specifications:
Wingspan: 54"
Wing Area: 3.3 sq.ft
Airfoil: RSB17
Weight: 21oz (Approx. Depends on Build Style)
Wing Loading: 6.36 oz/sq.ft (Approx. Depends on Build Style)

Radio: 2ch with elevon mixing and dual rates minimum
RX: any including full size 7ch
Servos: Standard x 2 (HS322HD's work great)
Battery: AA 4.8V flat pack (Eneloop 4.8V 2000mah)
Covering: New Stuff (10mil for heavy build, 5 mil for normal build)
Hardware: Predator Upgrade

The Predator Upgrade supplies top of the line hardware and super detailed build instructions. This combination will allow you to push combat wing performance to the max.

Predator Package Includes:
Standard Bat Kit
60" Carbon Ribbon Spar Material
Dubro control horns with hardware
Metal Clevises
Gold-N-Rod Burried Pushrods
Sheet of 2mm coroplast for larger Fin(s)
Build Instructions by Karl (The Predator)

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Complete Package Includes:
Standard Bat Kit ($65)
Predator Upgrade ($15)
2x HS322HD Standard Servos ($21.98)
1x 4.8V AA 20000mah Eneloop RX pack ($20)
(Purchased separately $121.98, as a package $110)

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Price: $65.00

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