Canuck's Machines & Tools

The shop contains a large variety of tools and machines used for production and also prototyping new products. Contact Canuck Engineering for all your custom fabrication needs RC and non RC related.

Primary Machines:
- CNC Router: 2' x 6' x 6" bed, 3HP 24k RPM spindle, and 7.2 NM servos on all 3 axis. Capable of cutting soft and hard materials at high speeds and high accuracy.
- CNC Hot Wire: *Down for repairs*
- 10" Craftsman band Saw
- High power Solder Station
- Table top wood lathe with extended bed
- CNC 24" Vinyl Cutter
- T-shirt Press

- CAD Rhino 3D Version 5
- CNC Hot Wire: GFMC (Old version but works well)
- CAM MadCam Version 5 3 Axis with Re-machining add-on
- Profilli Pro Commercial Version with 2700+ airfoil database
- Compufoil Airfoil program
- LinuxCNC Machine control - for CNC Router Control