Heavy Duty On/Off/Switch Jack ~Fully Wired~

SKU: hdswitchjack-wired

Full size locking On/Off/Charge jack.

Plug installed and the charge jack is On and the RX is off.
Plug removed and the RX is On.

Plug locks in place with 1/4 turn rotation. Avoid having a dead battery because the plug was accidentally pulled out during you drive to the slope.

This jack is designed as a power jack unlike other products on the market. It is designed to handle 3.0A at 18V max with a contact resistance of 30 mOhm Max. It is also designed to handle 5,000 cycles.

Jack and Plug are both included and are wired with Futaba style connectors.

Weight of fully wired plug 6.5 +/- 0.5 grams.

Price: $13.00