Canuck Engineering is owned and operated by Andrew Williams (The Canuck). The website was setup to operate as an easy to use web store for rc products and to promote engineering services..

Canuck Engineering was founded in 2005 and was originally focused on provided products for RC hobbyists but has expanded into engineering services and consulting.

See capabilities for a list of engineering services and resources available to help out with your engineering ideals and problems to be solved.

Canuck Engineering has a successful track record of helping out small businesses and startups with engineering consulting, prototyping, product design, composite molds and tooling, and product production.

Commercial Business Classification


NAICS Codes: 339930 – Primary, 336411, 541690, 541715

Professional Profile:

Andrew is a trained electrical engineer that has worked in various different industries including GSM cell phones, semiconductor processing equipment, industrial power conversion, business aviation cabin radio systems, battery chemistry research, iron ore processing research, industrial label application and printing, and large commercial drones.

During his professional career he has held many titles including, production technician, design engineer, product engineer, sustaining engineer, quality engineer, systems engineer, consultant, and small business owner.

Andrew’s board background has provided a wide range skills and experience he uses to help solve customer problems.

RC Hobby Profile:

Andrew is an avid RC modeler and maker starting the age of 12. His first plane was a Great Planes Spectra glider and grew from there. Over the years he has tried many aspects of the sport including cars, planes, electrics, boats, helis, quads, and gliders. He currently has hundreds of models in flying condition and participates in local and national rc soaring competitions.

Physical Location History

The physical location of Canuck Engineering has also gone through some changes. The venture started out in the basement of Andrew’s house in Johnstown, CO. In 2006 the decision was made to sell the house. Canuck Engineering moved temporarily to rented shop space in North Fort Collins, CO. January of 2008 a house trade was made with a fellow modeler and moved to the new house basement in Ault CO. The next move was to Denver in Aug. 2010. The shop moved and then resided next to the Club Workshop in a small 200 sq ft rented space.

As of January 2014 Canuck Engineering moved and is now located in Broomfield CO, in a spacious 1500 sq ft building converted over from an 8 car garage.

Website History

Canuck Engineering as it is today was the culmination of many years of experience. Many hours and sleepless nights went into canuckengineering.com over the years and the website has gone through 4 different major variations.

Gen 4 (Current Site)

4th website design went live in spring 2020 and is powered by WordPress and WooCommerce. Drupal was abandoned as modules for Drupal 8 were not fully functional and Drupal had become very complicated to implement. Decision to move to WordPress was the result. WooCommerce is the basis for the store part of the website.

Gen 3

3rd generation and came online early 2008. It is powered by Drupal and uses Ubercart for the store. With Drupal 5 software running Ubercart the site gave users and customers expanded information and ease of use.

Gen 2

The second generation came about 1/2 a year later. It relied on Drupal, OS Commerce, and Gallery 2 open source web software. Drupal powered the information pages, OS Commerce powered the web store and Gallery 2 the photo and video galleries. The complexity of 3 different software packages running became difficult to maintain as more and more updates were offered by the developers. Many hours of custom coding went into the store software to make ordering a user friendly experience.

Gen 1

The first website came online spring of 2006. It consisted of a static HTML web page that featured a few pictures and some basic info.