Custom Wing Cores

Canuck Engineering provides CNC hotwire cutting of custom wing cores for UAVs and RC Aircraft.

Cost:  Varies with complexity of the job and raw material costs.   (

  • Example 60″ ODR Slope racer cores:  2 30″ Panels, EPS foam, Airfoils 6060, price: $20 + Shipping)

Typical Project Completion Time: 48hrs from Quote request.

Need a quote:  Contact Canuck by email with the following information:

  • Foam Type
    • Typically EPS  or EPP (1.9#)
  • # of Wing Sets
  • # of Panels per wing
  • For Each Panel
    • Length
    • Airfoil Root
    • Airfoil Tip
    • Washout (Wing Twist) in Percent
    • Sweep Angle measured @ LE of panel
    • Spar Channels can be cut.  Provide location, size, shape depth, info in quote request if needing spar channels cut.


  • Max panel size that fits on the 4 axis CNC hotwire machine is 31″. Greater than 31″  panels will need to be split into smaller panels for cutting and glued together after cutting
  • Root:Tip size ratio 2:1 max due to wire speed differential and curf sizes.
  • Sweep angle is limited by machine geometry.  Highly swept wings will require panels be cut rotated so TE is parallel to wire start position.
  • +2700 Stock Airfoils are in Canuck’s Database.  If sending custom airfoil files, they need to be in a standard airfoil file format.  DXF would require additional CAD time to convert to an airfoil file format.

Hotwire machine runs GMFC foam cutting software.  Airfoil database through Profili Pro.