Vinyl Cutter

Copam CP-2500  CNC vinyl cutter.

Design Software – Corel Draw 2018 Edition

Cut Software – SignCut X2

The cutter is used to cut custom vinyl signs and banners.  A limited selection of 24″ wide Oracal 651 vinyl is in stock and ready for your sign or banner project. 

Another use for the cutter is cutting heat press material.

The file type best for vinyl and heat press designs is a *.svg


  • Model: CP-2500
  • Maximum cutting area: 592mmx35m (23.2inx114. 8ft)
  • Maximum media width: 610mm (24in)
  • Coordinate origin: coordinate origin specifiable
  • Number of cutter/pen: 1
  • Standard of blade and holder: F2
  • Material: Calendered self-adhesive vinyl film, fluorescent film, reflective film, paper card or other materials of thickness between 0.05-0.30mm. Up to 0.8mm(0.04in) thick material accepted
  • Maximum velocity: 800mm/sec
  • Mechanical resolution: 0.025mm/step
  • Programmable resolution: 0.05mm/step
  • Distance accuracy: within 0.15% of distance moved
  • Repeatability: within 0.02mm
  • Cutting force: 500g (can be adjusted by panel)
  • Command sets: Compatible with HP-GL
  • Interface: Centronics parallel/RS-232 serial(auto interface recognition)
  • Processor/Memory: Adapt 16 bits DSP technology, 64Mb Memory
  • Drive: Divisional motor
  • Lifting and dropping rate: 15times/sec
  • Acceleration: 4g
  • Power/consumption: 110v/250v 50-60HZ. 120W(max)
  • External dimensions: (W*D*H) 950x500x1100 mm 37×19.7×43.3in
  • Total weight: (main frame, horse) 28kgs(15,13)