Lumberjack 72″ V3.0 DS – Standard


Standard Lumberjack 72″ Glider Kit by Canuck Engineering

Battery Pack
4.8V 2000mAh Eneloop LJ Battery
Laminating FIlm Covering
CP Film - 5mil 15' Roll

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Back in Production!

The latest generation in the Lumberjack saga that began high up in the Colorado mountains back the year 2005.  Version 3 kit is a modern refresh of the classic Lumberjack with the same quick build and great flying characteristics.  It is back and better than ever with latest in mods and improvements developed over more than a decade of hard core flying.

Cores are precision 4 axis CNC Hot wire cut from Expanded Polypropylene Foam (EPP).  EPP allows the ultimate in durability and to survive even unexpected “landings”. EPP opens up flying sites that are not friendly to traditional built slope aircraft.  It is the the go to material for flying in the Rocky Mountains.

The Lumberjack is a great front side sloper especially on big hills  and comes alive in the Dynamic Soaring Groove.  Even the heaviest builds can fly in surprisingly light air with experience.

The 6 panel wing design allows for a generous CG range that is 200-210mm from the LE at the root cord.

The V3 kit Includes:

  • 1.9# EPP CNC Hotwire Cut Cores (6 panels) with beds
  • Basswood Trailing Edge Installed on Wing halves
  • Basswood TE joiner
  • Pre-shaped Wing Tips
  • Precut Battery Bay
  • Double Full Span Carbon Strip I-Beam Spar System
  • Pre-shaped stiff balsa elevons
  • Pre-shaped Coro tail fin
  • 3D Print Tail mounts with dual carbon rod
  • Servo Hardware Included is Brand Name Quality
  • Revamped and Updated Build Instructions
  • Includes Laminating Film Covering of your choice
  • 3D Servo Frames Included as an Option
  • 2000mAH NIMH Eneloop AA Cell Battery Included


  • Kits Available in multiple Weight Configurations to match your flying style and local conditions.
    • Standard  – 5mil Laminating Film
      • Standard build:  Glider will be lighter and more suited for smaller hills and lighter lift.  Not recommended for pilots that plan on hardcore Dynamic Soaring.
    • Heavy  – 10mil Laminating Film
      • Medium weight build:  The 10mil covering adds strength and weight.  Best suited for larger hills and medium lift conditions and the aspiring Dynamic Soaring pilot.
    • Double Heavy – 2x Layers of 10mil Laminating Film
      • Heavy weight build:  The best choice of pilots with access to big mountain flying sites where big lift is normal and for pilots that want a Dynamic Soaring beast.


  • Wingspan: 72″
  • Length (Nose to Tail): 22″
  • Flying Weight: 35 – 65oz depending on gear used and weight configuration chosen
  • Airfoil: LJ1.5 Custom
  • Servos: Builders Choice.  (HV Servos required for 6 Cell Battery Kit Versions)
  • Receiver: 2 channel (Radio with Elevon mixing is a must)
  • Battery: Custom Lumberjack (included) either 4.8V 4 Cell 2000mAH Eneloop or 7.2V 6 Cell 2000mAH Eneloop

Materials Required:

  • Shrink Covering like Ultracote or Monokote
  • 1 Roll of 2″ Strapping Tape
  • 1 Roll of 3/4″ Strapping Tape
  • 1 Roll of 1.5″ Clear Packing Tape for Elevon Hinges
  • 3M77 Spray Glue or Thinned Goop
  • Thin CA with Kicker
  • 5 Min Epoxy
  • 2 Servos & RX

Tools Required:

  • Flat build surface
  • Sanding Block with 100 grit paper
  • Hobby Knife
  • Covering Iron
  • Scissors
  • Small Screw Drivers

12 Easy Build Steps:

  • Install battery into precut battery bay and cut receiver bay
  • join wing halves and install drag spar joiner
  • Install servos and route leads
  • Install Carbon Strip Spars
  • Sand and prepare the cores with thinned goop or 3M77 spray glue
  • Tape cores top and bottom
  • Prep the wing surface for covering with thinned goop or 3M77 spray over the tape layer
  • Apply covering of your choice
  • Apply included clear laminating film over covering
  • Elevon covered with lam film and installed with simple and strong tape hinge method
  • Install fin mounts and fin
  • Program Radio for Elevons, install push rods,  and verify max elevator and aileron throws.

Additional information

Weight 53 oz
Dimensions 37 × 12 × 3.9 in


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