On/Off Power Switch Jack


Canuck Engineering On/Off Power Switch Jack

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Canuck Engineering On/Off Power Switch Jack

The switch jack is used in place of an on/off slider switch.  This switch is designed as a power jack unlike other similar products.  This design eliminates the possibility of shorts created by partial install of the plug which is a problem with jacks originally designed for audio applications.

Switch jack is installed between the receiver battery and receiver.   When plug is installed battery is connected to the plug charge lead and the receiver is disconnected (OFF).  When plug is removed battery is connected to the receiver (ON).

There are purchasing options

  • DIY comes with just the jack wired.  Customer will need to solder leads for receiver and battery.
  • Fully wired comes with approx. 5″ leads pre-wired for receiver and battery connections.


  • Plug locks in place with 1/4 turn rotation to avoid jack from coming loose during aircraft storage or transportation.
  • Compact size and lightweight.
  • Comes in 2 different configurations, one for panel mount applications and one even more compact design ideal for embedding into EPP foam air frames.


  • Voltage:  18V Max
  • Current: 3.0A Max
  • Contact Resistance: 30mOhm
  • Cycles: Rated to 5,000

Pro Tip:  Cover switch receptacle with a piece of tape to keep dirt out if flying in dusty locations.

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Embedded Foam, Panel Mount

Assembly Type

DIY, Fully Wired


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