10 LED Kit – Combat Wing Package


10 LED Kit for 48″ Combat Wings

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  • 2x wire harnesses (1 each for left and right wing halves)
    • 28 gauge ribbon with LED connector on each wire
      • 1×28″+/-0.5″ (Wing Tip)
      • 3×14″+/-0.5″ (Wing Center x2, Headlight x1)
      • 1×7″=/-0.5″ (Tail Light)
    • 10″ Servo lead

LEDs Included (Solid Color)

  • 2x Red with Diode
  • 2x Green
  • 2x Yellow with Diode
  • 2x White
  • 2x Blue

Installation Notes:

  • Designed to be installed in a EPP 48″ Combat wing.
  • Installation of wire harness required before strapping tape and covering is applied to the wing cores.
  • LED connectors allow LEDs to be moved around for trying out different color schemes.
  • Color scheme and LED location should be planned to allow the pilot to differentiate left/right, top/bottom, and front/back of the wing while in flight.
  • Wire harness designed to be powered off receiver battery (choose 4 cell or 5 cell).  No extra battery required.

Additional information

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Pack Voltage

4.8V (4 Cell), 6.0V (5 Cell)


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