Pink Mess 60″ One Design Racer Kits


Improved Classic One Design Racer (ODR) kit with fiberglass fuse and sheeted foam core wings.

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Improved Classic One Design Racer (ODR) kit with fiberglass fuse and sheeted foam core wings.

Inspiration for the kit:
Over the years I have owned several ODR gliders including a LEG EPP ODR, Bad Voodoo Gen 1, and a One Fun copy of a Fun One. I still have the last 2 and enjoy racing in Kansas every spring at the Midwest Slope Challenge. ODR kits are now hard to find.  It’s time for a fresh take on the old classic.

ODR design is also a great flying all rounder that will fly in about any conditions on any slope. They tend fly quick in the air with no bad habits and are durable.

Improvements I hope to achieve with a new ODR including fuse design vs the others I’ve flown:
– Longer Nose – to allow easier balancing
– Long tail for better tracking on the straight part of the race.
– Slightly swept LE of the wing to make the plane track without stick inputs but not so swept that it hurts the turning ability.
– More aerodynamic fuse shape.
– Easy to grip fuse under the wing for big launches
– Wide area at the rear of the fuse to make gluing the stab in place easier
– Slip on nose cone as I think it is more aerodynamic than a hatch and it makes a stronger fuse.
– Bladder setup for the fuse to make easier production of fuses when the time comes.

– Conforms to the ODR rules:…&alloworigin=1
– Wingspan: 60″
– Wing Airfoil: SD6061 thinned to 9.5%
– Wing Construction: Foam sheeted Grey XPS CNC cut cores with hardwood LE and balsa triangle TE
– Tail Surfaces: Airfoil Shaped balsa
– Fuse: Fiberglass with slip on nose cone

Recommended CG 77-78mm from LE with wing built with approx. 1/2″ of sweep on both wing tips. Approx 44% of the root cord.

Required Gear:
– Wing Servos: 10mm or thinner, 2 required
– Elevator Servo: Mini or Micro servo 1 required
– Battery: 4 Cell AA or AAA Square Pack
– Receiver: Min 3 Channels Fuse is 2.4GHz Friendly

Required Building Materials
– Covering: Hanger 9 UltraCote or Top Flite Monokote
– Fiberglass: 6oz Plain Weave
– Epoxy 5min & 15/20min
– CA Glue

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